Models I met and liked

ImageName: Niamh Adkins

Agency: Max Models

How did you get into modeling: My aunt is a booker and she suggested I start modelling.

Dream modelling job: Oh Victoria’s secret without a doubt.

A trend that you absolutely hate: When people stretch their ears.. It’s disgusting.


For those of you who aren’t sure what a stretched ear looks like, I found the prettiest picture I could from Tumblr. It’s really not a look though.

Models I met and liked



Name: Jessica M

Age: 17

Agency: Fanjam

How did you get into modelling and how long have you been doing it for?

Uhhh I was socuted on Facebook and have been modeling for about 6 months now.

What would your dream modeling job be?

A big international campaign..  Obviously.

What is a trend that you hate?

I hate colour… No not colour I hate colour blocking. Too much pink and orange and yellow never looks good.


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